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Top Red Emerald Suppliers

The Red Emerald is truly my life's passion.

From the moment someone inspired me to begin this quest until today's Thanksgiving, I have received invaluable assistance from many well-known Legends.

Today, I would like to share with my readers the top five Red Emerald suppliers in the trade. Listed below are the companies who source the majority of Red Emerald gemstones on the market, along with their points of contact. Their combined inventories offer sizes and qualities never-before-seen by the buying public, at price points previously unavailable.

3.5 millimeter pair of Red Emerald Rounds - Photo by Max Davis

Gemological Collections offers the most affordable color-matched Red Emeralds in the world today, such as the 3.5 mm pair shown above.

Max began his career in gemstones at an early age, working in his father's jewelry shop on Oxford Street, Davis of London, following the second world war. After moving to America, Max worked as a broker with some of the biggest names in the business, from Harry Winston to Bill Levian.

Mr. Davis possesses an inexhaustible knowledge of gem varieties, with an unparalleled supply covering almost every mineral ever faceted. Max supplies gemology students with affordable reference sets and his diverse inventory of trillions is unmatched.

(800) 854-1598

2.44 carat Red Emerald with rehealed spread pattern - Photo by Mia Dixon

Bill is one of the most knowledgeable and respected dealers operating in the gem trade today. Bill developed rockhounding skills early in childhood, hunting tourmaline in San Diego County, California. In adulthood, Bill would become famous for producing the most noteworthy specimens ever found at the Himalaya Tourmaline Mine.

Bill's personal gemstone collection is one of the most intricately-curated privately-owned assortments on the planet. Bill's expertise allows Pala International to offer their customers some of the finest examples in multiple colored stone varieties.

(800) 400-4367

Red Lightning Ring by Bill Vance - Photo by David Rozendaal

Bill Vance has lived a colorful life -- time in military service and airtime as a music disc jockey on the radio eventually led to a gemstone fascination. Unafraid of adventure or travel, Bill can regale aficionados with an endless recounting of facet-grade material he has hunted down over the years. Bill has experience mining in America, Australia, Africa and many other locales, with a particular expertise in Red Emerald, Tanzanite and Vanceite (Magnesio-Axinite).

Bill has consumed vast quantities of information concerning all kinds of gem varieties over the years, and has forgotten more than most will probably ever know. He possesses a staggering knowledge of colored gem varieties and has a sterling reputation as a highly-skilled faceter and gem rough dealer.

(808) 573-4845

Faceted Rhodochrosite Trillion with Rhombohedral Crystal - Photo by Robert Van Wagoner

Robert is recognized for this work at the Sweet Home Mine in Alma, Colorado. Robert was able to identify and develop brand new pockets of Rhodochrosite, bringing to the market premium specimen crystals and cut stones of a caliber historically unseen.

Following the cessation of industrial mining efforts, Robert was one of the dealers who picked up the Red Emerald torch, supplying loose gemstones to desperate customers who could not find products during the era without corporate promotion.

(972) 250-2055

Red Emerald, Diamond and Benitoite earrings by Equatorian Imports - Photo by Monte Zajicek

As a multi-generational business, Equatorian made a name for themselves by providing Colombian Emeralds to the American market for decades. Equatorian now specializes in both the Green and the Red Emerald.

As a founding father of the American gem industry, this company has produced the most preeminent Red Emerald jewelry ever fabricated. Their website continues to offer some of the highest-quality Red Emerald products on the market today.


I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude for the priceless knowledge and precious stones these individuals have shared with me over the years. Myself and the entire industry have benefitted from their tireless efforts to bring us new and amazing wonders.

My greatest hope for the world is that everyone may find someone they love and enjoy a peaceful life. My greatest hope for the gem world is that everyone may find a gemstone they love and enjoy having it around. My primary focus is seeing the match made, regardless of the place someone encounters the jewel love of their life.

If you see any of my crimson compatriots out there in the wild, tell them hello for me!


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