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World-Class Jewelry

Some of our collections even rise above the premium level we strive to maintain as our standard.  These priceless works of art exhibit some special characteristics, features or stones which make them truly one-of-a-kind, incomparable and unable to be replicated by any fabricator in the world...even ourselves.

For more information regarding any of the stunning jewelry listed below, please Contact Us.

The Red Emerald Suite Treasure set features the first three faceted five carat stones in history, and consists of the finest bracelet, necklace, earrings and ring ever created.


The Color-Drop necklace showcases a 5.16 carat gem cabochon, with the finest line of pear-shaped pairs which could be assembled using all inventory available.


A matching necklace and ring make The Red Emerald Princess Collection truly fit for Scarlet Royalty!  Featuring 15.87 carats of matching princess-cut melee in the necklace, with a diamond-accented 0.59 carat princess-cut ring.


This 65 carat Pezzottaite at the center of The Heart of Hearts is one of the world's largest.  The clever design allows either side to be displayed attractively and is hung from a reversible platinum and rose gold bail.  The surround consists of fine Red Emerald melee, hand-selected and color-graduated to match natural Pezzottaite tones.


An American Rose is the first jewelry piece we ever produced, featuring a massive 9.12 carat Benitoite, one of the largest in the world.  Made from two of Earth’s scarcest stone species, both found only in the United States, this pendant is a unique opportunity to own an incomparably rare and extraordinary natural treasure.

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