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This page contains the works published to increase public awareness of the Red Emerald.  All are available for FREE download or can be read online.  Please read the descriptions below and follow the hyperlinks to find out more!

The Red Emerald Black Album

The first in our three-book hardcover "Novella" series, The Black Album documents more red beryl mineral habits and Red Emerald crystal forms than have ever been captured on film and published before!  This establishes the nature of this precious gemstone variety, preserving the information for historical posterity.

Click the photo or THIS LINK for a FREE download of this publication!

The Red Emerald Suite Treasure

An early goal for this rare precious gem variety was to create a work of art so phenomenal no one would be able to ignore the Red Emerald any longer!  After years of effort, a parure (set of jewels) consisting of a bracelet, necklace, earrings and ring was fabricated to represent the finest pieces in this variety ever assembled in human history!

Click the photo or HERE to see this legendary set.

The Red Emerald Pink Portfolio

The second in our "Novella" series, The Pink Portfolio offers a never-before-seen side-by-side comparison of green and red beryl mineral habits, defining the unique set of shapes shared by these two varieties. The specific modifications and alterations to crystal form provide mathematical PROOF of geometric equivalence.

Click the photo or THIS LINK to download this publication.

La Esmeralda Roja Tesoro [que] Adoro

La informacción está disponible en Español! El Red Emerald Suite Treasure es la más fina colección de joyas jamás ensamblada para esta incomparable rareza natural, tanto en términos de volumen y calidad.  Nunca antes ninguna especie de piedra preciosa ha podido conservar el primero de los mejores ejemplos absolutos. 

Descargue La Esmeralda Roja en el photo o AQUI.

The last hardcover in the "Novella" series, The White Prints demonstrate the full potential of the Red Emerald by showing one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces assembled and fabricated on a world-class level for the first time in history!  No longer must we merely imagine what this gem could be, the future is here!

Click the photo or THIS LINK to download this groundbreaking publication.



The Red Emerald Paper Specimen Set

The most basic of Red Emerald mineral habits are the Wafer, the Square Prism and the Rectangular Prism.  In order to design something which might appeal to the younger fans of this gemstone, The Paper Specimen Set features the simplest geometries in printable cut-out sheets which can be folded into paper Emerald shapes!

Download HERE or click the photo for a free copy.

The Red Emerald by John Reed Scott

In 1914, fantasy author John Reed Scott wrote a novel about an Emerald stolen from the French Royal Treasury during the 1792 Revolution.  Fine Emeralds are known to have red fluorescence, and the plot of this adventure gravitates around an Emerald exhibiting a "Red Flash" similar to that seen in expertly-faceted Tanzanite.

Essentially a romance novel, the entire work can be read on Google Books.

Rock & Gem Magazine - Bob Jones - May 2017

Bob Jones is the founder and former Senior Editor of Rock & Gem magazine.  One of the earliest Red Emerald Allies, he agreed with the assessment that the mineral "red beryl" deserves a trade name like all other gemstones sold in the common market and opened the question for public debate.

All copies from the publisher were purchased, but the article can be read online HERE.

Gemmology Today - Antoinette Matlins - May 2017

Antoinette Matlins is the most widely-published gemstone consumer advocate in the world, with books written in nine languages distributed around the globe. She supports Red Emerald as the best name to communicate its nature, beauty and rarity to the consumer.

Her gemological justification was published in Gemmology Today and is available HERE.

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