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The Heart of Hearts

​This 65 carat Pezzottaite, one of the world's largest, was cut by AGTA Award-Winning master faceter Stephen Kotlowski shortly before his passing in 2015.  The heart is a fancy cut with a lower yield than the typical faceted shape, which required an impossibly large piece of this rare rough to produce a gemstone of this size.  

His clever design allows either side to be displayed attractively:  the large table permits a viewer to peer through the crystalline body of the gem, while the obverse checkerboard creates a rolling brilliance which flows through the stone. 

To utilize these versatile features, The Heart of Hearts is hung from a reversible platinum and rose gold bail, giving this piece the ability to be worn in a variety of ways.  The surround consists of fine Red Emerald melee, hand-selected and color-graduated to match natural Pezzottaite tones.

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