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My History

Etched in Stone

My name is Seth William Rozendaal, and I encountered my first Red Emerald on June 2nd, 2013.  After becoming acquainted with their stunning nature, I was immediately overcome by a profound feeling of sadness for my fellow citizens of the world who were unaware this magnificent gemstone existed.  My original goal was to commission a single piece of jewelry so breathtaking no one would be able to ignore the Red Emerald any longer.  Soon, I became obsessed with creating one-of-a-kind works of art capable of retaining their prominence throughout time.  I work exclusively with rare gemstones containing inclusions and natural features which make each one as unique as every individual.  All basic designs come from my own imagination but are detailed and crafted by the most talented jewelers in the world.

As a family business, I am usually accompanied by my parents, William and Norma, while my cousin David is responsible for the wonderful photography seen throughout this site.

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