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An American Rose

An American Rose is the first jewelry piece Seth Rozendaal ever produced.  The pendant is crafted in platinum with 18K rose gold petals and strung on a triple-strand platinum chain.

The massive 9.12 carat Benitoite, one of the largest in the world, was sourced and faceted in 1930s - 1940s, but passed down through the private collections of mine owners since its discovery.  Featured in this stunning work of art, this stone is finally available to the market for the first time in over seventy-five years.

The blue union displays numerous rainbow feather inclusions, with 1.25 carat of diamond and 3.75 carat of hand-select Red Emerald melee comprising the thirteen lines which surround the center.  The Red Emeralds exhibit the finest red color with the highest clarity, and the pendant utilizes over 250 hand-set stones in total.  

Made from two of Earth’s scarcest stone species, both found only in the United States, An American Rose is a unique opportunity to own an incomparably rare and extraordinary natural treasure.

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