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3.9 tcw Unheated Australian Sapphire

1.27 tcw Santa Maria Aquamarine

0.34 tcw White Diamonds


In September 2013, these sapphires were dug in-person in Inverell, New South Wales, Australia -- a town nicknamed the Sapphire City.


A survey by the GIA estimated as many as 98% of all sapphires have been heated -- torched at jet engine temperatures to burn out impurities, making them appear less imperfect than they form in nature.  These were obtained and faceted independently in order to ensure NO treatment has been applied to the gems.  Australian Sapphire comes in a wide range of tones, but the darkest, royal blues are VERY hard to find.


At the top of each earring lies three round, white 2mm diamonds.  Below, a perfect aquamarine oval rests on three richly-saturated Santa Maria Aquamarine Princess cuts.  The sky-blue sapphires one step down deepen in color.  A smaller round with better clarity and saturation follows, then a break with a 2.75mm round diamond.  A matching pair of perfect blues is second-to-the bottom, with the heaviest-colored anchors (5.75mm, 1ct+ ea) hanging at the lowest points.


The bottom right is brilliant with flawless color, while the other full-carat (bottom left) has a small touch of yellow.  The color zone that is present is evidence that the gem is unheated, since thermal enhancement destroys multiple tones and creates a uniform hue.

Unheated Australian Sapphire Platinum Earrings with Aquamarine and Diamond

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