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14K Gold and Silver Wire Wrap

by Tendai Designs


Trapiche (six-pointed) patterns are formed by impurities or inclusions in gemstones "arranged" along rotational axes or geometric lines.  This is the way that the 1/3 carat Ruby Trapiche formed at the top of this gold-and-silver specimen wire-wrap.  The specimens utilized in its design are listed in descending order:


Mozambique Ruby Trapiche

American Red Emerald Prism (Utah)

Colombian Emerald Prism Pair (Muzo)

Venezuelan Gold Heart/Angel Crystal

USA Tri-Colored Blue-Green-Pink Tourmaline

Vietnamese Aquamarine Prism Pair

Brazilian-Etched Aqua Pencil


The Spaceship Amulet incorporates crystals which were magnificently selected and paired together exquisitely.  Countless hours were spent twisting these precious metal wires into place…and with such symmetry!

The Spaceship Amulet Wire Wrap with Red Beryl, Emerald, Aquamarine & Tourmaline

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