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0.29 carat fancy Shield Cut
5.75mm x 3.9mm x 2.8mm


There is nothing in this world that I loved more than comic books.  


But in 2013, I fell in love and discovered the Red Emerald.  I sold my entire collection of superhero books (along with my self-employed business), to build the largest collection of Red Emeralds the planet had ever seen before.  


I found THIS jewel at Tucson in 2015.  


From the first moment I saw it…I knew this one was special.  The final form of a red beryl is typically dictated by the rough itself, determined by whatever shape the crystal can support.  The majority end up in standard facet geometries -- rounds, emeralds, ovals -- but very few are "fancy cuts".  This was the first "Shield" I ever encountered.


The internal patterns of natural features and inclusions are different in each stone.  Every gemstone is unique and can be positively identified from all others.  When I picked up this one in particular, I immediately noticed three rehealed fractures inside, which reflected light in the shape of an "S" -- perfectly centered in the middle of the Shield!


To say this example is one-in-a-million is an understatement.  There will never be another like it.  

It is the favorite stone in my whole collection, and priced accordingly.  


Pliny the Elder reported that as far back as 300 BC, philosophers have built and possessed vast "collections of gemstones" known as dactylioteca AKA repositories of kings.


Harry Winston began his jewelry career by acquiring Arabella Huntington's jewelry collection, breaking up her larger designs into smaller, more affordable pieces.  For one particular necklace, Winston boasted that her "pearls now adorned the necks of at least two dozen women around the world."  I have enough supply to service far more women (and men) than that…but in our case, the adornments shall be in the world's rarest gems!  


I have always regarded my own Dactylioteca as a Repository to someday be owned by Queens…now (on whichever type of throne you reside), that imagined royalty can, is and will be all of YOU! 

This private collection was never available for direct sales…until today.  Here, on this Instagram account -- @redemeraldsales -- we will offer the rarest stones gathered so far daily (in all varieties), but feel free to reach out with specific Red Emerald requests.  


We possess the world's foremost supply of this incomparably rare treasure, and we look forward to serving you!


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