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Crystal Dimensions - 14mm x 7mm x 5mm
Estimated crystal weight:  5 carats

Here is a sizeable, well-formed red beryl prism on a rhyolite matrix.

Although there are surface reaching fissures of rhyolite in the crystal, the faces are exceptionally well-formed and the hexagonal prismatic structure is superb.

Into the bottom of this specimen has been carved the initials "Nn".


This piece came from the collection of Earle Foster, one of the former mine owners before and after Kennecott.  He had a number of nice pieces, and what I liked about Earle’s specimens is that he performed the minimum preparation to make them appear more aesthetic.  This specimen does show evidence of some rhyolite removal to better-expose and present the single crystal.  NO LIQUID ENHANCEMENT has been done to make surface fissures less-noticeable, and the piece is offered in its natural state.

Red Beryl Speckled Prism Matrix Specimen ex Earle Foster Collection Utah Emerald

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