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Main Red Emerald Gem Cabochon - 0.355 carat
Red Beryl Gem Cabochon Accents (x2) - 0.525 carats

Post-WWII 1950s-era London Design - Sterling Silver Band, Rhodium Plating
Size 7



Red Emeralds are the rarest precious gemstones in the world. 

There is only one place on Earth where red beryl is found in gem quality…the Wah-Wah Mountains of Utah.  However, for every crystal that can be faceted, there are ten-to-twenty more which cannot be, due to the heavy amount of inclusions which are ordinarily present in this mineral.

The hardness of beryl is 7½ to 8 on the Mohs scale…which means even included stones can take a good polish, and they are durable enough for every day wear.  All cabochons are completely natural and unenhanced.  A cabochon increases in value the gemmier it becomes, but the vast majority of red beryl cabochons are far-more affordable than their pure gem counterparts.

One-carat, uncut red beryl SPECIMENS are almost impossible to find on the open market…much less pieces of finished material!  Sizes like these have never been offered to the public on this scale before now.  For many collectors, the lower prices of cabochons finally make one-carat stones in this variety attainable for everyone…without reducing the rarity of the product!

When red beryl crystals are cut, the interior of a stone will reveal a variety of patterns and beautiful colors ranging from pink to purple…with aesthetic drifts of red gem sectioning that may appear mixed throughout the stone.  Differences in inclusions and levels of gemminess create a variety of patterns in these stones…but ours have been matched together by style.

The Kennecott Mining Company harvested approximately 55,000 carats of red beryl crystals from the Wah-Wahs in less than a decade (of which 10% was reportedly facetable).  Cabochons typically yield about 40% of the weight of the original red beryl crystals from which they were cut.  Our inventory is comprised of almost all the production industrial miners ever produced.

Red Beryl "Red Eyes" Cabochon Ring Sterling Silver Rhodium-Plate

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