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Largest Crystal Dimensions - 16mm x 9mm x 7mm (1x Repair)
Largest crystal estimated weight:  8-10 carat
Second Crystal Dimensions - 15.5mm x 8mm x 7mm
Second crystal estimated weight:  ~8 carat

This is the largest pair of crystals on matrix in my collection, and the specimen is published in "The Red Emerald Dictionary" (on page 5).

Emeralds form in rhyolite cracks.  The host rock often shifts, causing crystals to break, which forces them to reheal.  The main crystal on this specimen was found in three pieces, with a free-floating center, which has been reattached.


Multiple crystals may attempt to materialize in the same crack, and emeralds often form in clusters (but rarely in this size).  Between the first and second crystal is the partially-exposed facial surface of another one growing alongside them! 


This piece came from the collection of Earle Foster, one of the former mine owners before and after Kennecott.

This specimen has been cut to stand on its own and prominently display the red beryl.  Besides the cut and repair, no other ‘enhancement’ has been done to improve the appearance of the specimen.

Red Beryl 2 Large Crystals Matrix Specimen ex. Earle Foster Collection 1x REPAIR

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