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This beautiful rainbow flower pendant crafted in 18K white gold features a stunning mix of 2.5 millimeter beryl stones (0.56 total carat weight)!


A large Goshenite (white beryl) sits at the center (0.12 carat).  The surround features an unenhanced, bright red emerald (red beryl) at the top (0.06 carat).  Moving clockwise, the rest of the stones are Colombian Emerald (green beryl, 0.065 carat), Morganite (0.065 carat), Santa Maria Aquamarine (blue beryl, 0.08 carat), a magenta-colored red emerald (0.08 carat) and a heliodor (yellow beryl, 0.09 carat).  


The pendant comes with a chain.

Rainbow Beryl Flower Pendant in 18K White Gold

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