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3.5 millimeter diameter
0.13 carats

Here is a faceted pezzottaite from Madagascar.  Pezzottaite was discovered in 2002.  It was initially believed to be a new deposit of red beryl, but after further study, the mineral was found to replace the beryllium in its crystal structure with cesium approximately 50% of the time.  This alters the molecular form and removes the mineral from the beryl family (although it is still a member of the beryl group).  Many of this gemstone's properties are similar to beryl, with the same hardness and refractive index.

For many years, it was believed that only one locality in Ambatovita produced crystals of sufficient size to facet.  HOWEVER, since the fall of 2022, a SECOND site less than 80 miles away in the Sahatany Valley of the Ibity Commune in the 2nd Antsirabe District of the Vakinankaratra Region of Madagascar has been producing small specimens with excellent crystallinity!  This stone is one of the VERY FEW which has been produced and faceted from this new location!!

Pezzottaite 0.13ct 3.5mm Round Cut Pink-Orange Beryl UNENHANCED Madagascar

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