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Specimen Dimensions 15.8mm x 10.5mm x 7.0mm
Estimated crystal weight:  5-7 carats

This is one of the largest crystals on matrix I have ever owned!


This piece came from the collection of Earle Foster, one of the former mine owners before and after Kennecott.  He had a number of nice pieces, and what I liked about Earle’s specimens is that he typically only altered them in the most minimalist ways which best-display the minerals.  This crystal is large, but has NOT been fully-exposed from its matrix, and the gem portion of the crystal sinks deep into the rhyolite.

This matrix has been cut in such a way so the specimen can stand on its own, and the piece prominently displays the red beryl.  Furthermore, some attempt to remove the surrounding rock from the crystal has been conducted.

One available ‘enhancement’ is to put the whole specimen in some sort of liquid (Opticon, Excel, Gemetrat…there are many options)…just as faceters do with cut stones.  This causes surface fissures to become less-noticeable and/or make them disappear.  This also helps bond crystals to the host rock, diminishing any risk of detachment.  However, NO such treatment has been performed on this piece.

This crystal offers a fantastic opportunity for someone to cut their own one carat gemstone!

MASSIVE Red Beryl Crystal on Matrix - ex. Earle Foster Wah-Wah Mountains Utah

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