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Druzy Crystal Vein on White Rhyolite Matrix

Cabinet Specimen (Rare in Red Emerald)

17cm x 14cm x 12cm


Just as Colombian Emeralds form hydrothermally in tight mica shists, Red Emeralds crysallize within the small, narrow cracks in rhyolite by vapor depositation.  While there are many fractures within the rock, bixbyite encourages the formation of crystals and is commonly found in the fissures where red beryl is found.  When these cracks are opened so the minerals can be recovered, crystals typically fall out and do not adhere to the matrix.  "The Purple Hulk" is an impressive druzy vein of crystals still attached to to a layer of Bixbyite in an amazing cabinet display.


The specimen is labeled 'BF13/1/••95' which places the date within the range of Kennecott's initial exploration, and may be one of the best pieces they were able to recover.  This specimen was also published in the May 2017 issue of Rock & Gem magazine. 


Truly a piece of mineralogical history worthy of any musuem in the world!

HUGE Red Beryl Druzy Cabinet Specimen with 50+ Crystals

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