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25.5 mm x 16.1 mm x 14.9 mm

Estimated Weight 45+ carats


The Red Emerald Black Album offers a glimpse of the standard red beryl mineral form.  Hundreds of examples were gathered to present a true cross-section of these minerals to the public.


The best 80 free-floating prisms in the collection were documented, with sizes ranging from a quarter carat to 45 carats.  The dimensions were recorded for each crystal and catalogued in a table so that collectors can estimate for themselves the weight of minerals still attached to the matrix.


This also puts the massiveness of this specimen into proper perspective.  The measurements of this crystal suggest that it is larger than all the prisms in that original publication!  An example of this size is a true rarity, and it also exhibits a hexagonal plateau on the termination.


This cabochon-grade specimen features an attractive pink-colored red which has been referred to as "bubblegum" in corporate literature.  Gem cabs are valued at approximately 60% the price of their faceted equivalents, while included cabs usually sell between $50 and $250 per carat, depending on size and patterning, with prices increasing according to the prevalence of gem-sectioning and weight.

HUGE Cabochon-Grade Red Beryl Prism on Rhyolite Matrix

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