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(ex. Michael Gray collection)

5.46 carat Modified Cushion/Rectangle

13.0mm x 7.8mm


The Gemological Institute of America classifies Pezzottaite as a gemstone with Type III clarity, which means faceted stones typically carry the same load of inclusions as one would typically find in Watermelon Tourmaline.  This Pezzottaite is an exceptionally clean example for a gem of this extraordinary size.


Sourced by Michael Gray of Coast-to-Coast Rare Stones, this 'fattened' cushion/rectangle is filled with intense color and massive amounts of fire for this variety.  A few trademark rainbow feathers exist inside, which throw glittering light around in the gem, but most disappear at arm's length.

Fancy Cushion Cut 5.46 carat Pezzottaite with Exceptional Clarity

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