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MATCHING GEMSTONE SET (approximately 1/3 ct each)
“Emerald City Lights”

When primitive man first encountered Emerald crystals in the wild, they were able to rotate the translucent, hexagonal prisms in the sun to see the flashing, fiery light return gemologists call ‘brilliance’.  Extra faces, pinacoidal points and bevels contributed additional facets and potential angles from which a crystal could shine.  Eventually, humans figured out how to shape stones so brilliance and colored light could be returned from almost every angle of a faceted gem.

Beryl crystals form under similar geological conditions, which produces gemstones which appear similar.  The higher pressures experienced by the red and green forced a heavier load of impurities into their mineral structures.  The greater number of trace metals inside create the deeply-saturated colors only Emeralds can produce! 

The methods of crystal growth for both colors of emerald are also similar.  
Emerald prisms grow in-parallel with each other, forming along the same vector.  Faint lines running up and down through the middle of both gemstones are evidence of their crystal growth-in-parallel.  The red lines smoulder thicker and cloudier, because it has not been Enhanced with liquid (as the green has), which would flow into its fissures, making them much less visible to the naked eye.

These gems were used in the argument put forward in the Red Emerald Dictionary that two sets of the same geometries are mathematically-equivalent to each other!!  These gemstones weigh approximately 1/3 carat each.  This pair has been photographed and professionally-framed with double-matting to shadow-box the stones and showcase them hanging in suspension.

Put nature’s artwork on your wall!


Please note the framed specimen sets are shown as an example.  The actual frame you will receive contains the gemstones in the first photo.

"Emerald City Lights" Red & Green Emerald (beryl) Professional Framed Facet Set

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