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Middle Crystal Dimensions:  6.25mm x 3.3mm
Estimated crystal weights:  >1 carat each

Although these crystals are small, their prismatic forms are exceptionally well-formed and aesthetic.  It is uncommon to see "drifts" or "veins" of crystals which display so beautifully...especially at such an affordable price!  At arm's length, their color is a bright, hot pink.


This piece came from the collection of Earle Foster, one of the former mine owners before and after Kennecott.  He had a number of nice pieces, and what I liked about Earle’s specimens is that he typically did not alter them if he did not have to.  Usually a matrix is cut in such a way so the specimen can stand on its own, but the piece prominently displays the red beryl with no alteration.  There is some 'Ice Cream Rock' on the surface and minor iron staining on the bottom of the rock, which indicates the stone has not been submerged in harsh chemicals to expose the crystals, although it is probable more crystals exist below the smooth, ivory portions of the stone.

This specimen has been preserved the way it was found in nature, and it is offered in that state.

AWESOME Red Beryl Crystal Drift on Matrix ex Earle Foster Wah-Wah Mountains Utah

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