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8.9 mm x 5.0 mm

1.07 carat Rectangle Cut


Every Emerald's ultimate form depends on the condition of the crystal nature provided.  The shape chosen is determined by what the specimen allows.  The goal is to produce the maximum yield, so Emeralds are typically cut to the largest size (not to create a specific shape).  The faceting process lacks standard, calibrated designs, so no specific geometry is considered "ideal" (unlike diamonds).  However, an emerald table with a 1.5 L:W ratio (6mm x 4mm, for example) is considered perfectly-balanced visual symmetry.


When the long and short sides become closer to equilateral, the cut becomes a Princess or Asscher.  If slightly longer than an emerald cut, the "baguette" derives its name from a French loaf of bread.


The elongated window in this gem measures with a 1.78 L:W ratio that showcases its dancing fingerprint inclusion fields in a phenomenal jardin!  This gemstone has been certified as authentic by the American Gemological Laboratories.

1.07 carat Red Emerald Baguette - AGL Certified

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