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5.55mm x 5.45mm x 4.5mm

1.025 carat Square Cut


The problem with a flawless diamond…is that it looks exactly the same as every other flawless diamond!


(of identical cut and color, of course)


One of my favorite parts of the red emerald…is that NONE OF THEM look alike!  Just as Colombian Emeralds contain inclusions, Red Emeralds always carry some foreign minerals, rehealed fractures or fingerprints inside them.


I hoped modern-day photography would be able to capture these aspects on film.  A picture is like a certificate of authenticity for red emeralds.  A high-resolution photo allows anyone to conclusively identify a particular piece from a selection of stones just by using a loupe!


Rehealed fractures are observed regularly as a distinguishing characteristic of this variety, but at arm's length, the veil in this stone is difficult to detect.  From certain angles, the rehealed zone in this stone can reflect light.  To the naked eye, at arm’s length, that light is masked, blended in and added to the other brilliance present in the gem. 

1.025ct Red Emerald Square-Cut Gemstone

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