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25.6mm x 19.5mm x 7.0mm 12.21 carat

Many minerals have a percentage of examples exhibiting Fluorescence. Reportedly, no Red Emerald gems are fluorescent…but technically, that's not exactly true. I have TWO specimens that DO react under long and short-wave ultra-violet light.

It is important to note INCLUSIONS are reacting…not the actual beryl itself. While red beryl is full of trace elements, of the inclusions present, only Hyalite Opal is known to be UV-reactive. Facet-grade, gem-quality crystal loses the concentration of inclusions required for fluorescence to be visible to the naked eye.

Kennecott reported drifts of Red Emerald collocated "with seams of distinctive pale-green clay locally referred to as 'ice cream rock' (Photo 4)…nearly all veins are siliceous, and amorphous silica (opal) was found…Opal is a major component of a rhyolite vein high in the uppermost pit, [and] forms minute botryoidal layers of hyalite on the rhyolite [with] smaller veins also in the lower pits."

Hyalite is amorphous silica (SiO2 - Opal), formed in volcanic rock with a glassy, clear or translucent appearance and a Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 6. This mineral has a globular structure and a botryoidal habit that resembles a bunch of grapes ('botrys' in Greek). Opalescent Hyalite is identified by its bright green fluorescence under ultraviolet light and is often used in jewelry.

In August 2019, the owners invited me to dig the Ruby-Violet claims. I placed each opal I found on a pile. They appeared white, but contrasted against the bright rocks of the Wah-Wah mountains, they had a faint, extraterrestrial green glow! I am unaware of any Wah-Wah Opal ever presented to the mineral collector market; This is a chance to own the FIRST and Largest Specimen recovered! I will include FIVE smaller 1ct+ specimens for study, cabbing, etc.

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$500 USD 0.29 oz Gold / 18 oz Silver 0.0125 BTC

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