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0.29 carat Red Emerald Center Stone 0.45 total carat weight in Diamond Melee 18K White Gold Band 18K Yellow Gold Cradle

Rubies, like Red Emeralds, come in many colors. Rubies mined from specific parts of the world display certain shades dependent upon their locality (or origin). Myanmar gems, for instance, typically have a slightly-purplish undertone. The most desirable Ruby is pure red, but consumer demand for purple as a secondary hue is also strong, because placing a Burmese Ruby in yellow gold neutralizes part of the blue wavelength our eyes can see, making the red 'pop' and appear richer. This same 'trick-of-the-light' can be used when setting Red Emeralds, since the two share the same dichroism.

The Vegas Gem Convention deals more-heavily in jewelry than loose stones, so I don't ordinarily expect to find much that will pique my curiosity. A few years back, though, I passed a vendor's booth filled with vintage jewelry. Most center stones had been removed from his settings, with the intent being that a purchaser would fill those vacancies with their own jewels. Against my conscious will, my attention fell directly on this 18K Gold Band. I was certain it must've contained a Ruby at one time, because the yellow gold cradle beneath the empty main setting seemed designed for the very purpose of 'enhancing' the presentation of a Red Gem! I feigned indifference as best I could, but the shrewd seller sensed my interest and offered me a price I couldn't refuse…even if I wanted to.

After returning home, I found the PERFECT square cut Red Emerald for this piece, with amazing clarity and brilliance. The rock was so crystalline and fit so exactly, it seemed like they were MADE to be together! I always keep this ring nearby…in case someone shows up and feels the same need to have it as I once did!

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$2,650 USD 1.5 oz Gold / 96 oz Silver 0.0663 BTC

…but there is also a way you can get this ring for FREE.

Mostly. It will still cost you. Some expense. Time. Heartache. But here's how you can do it: 1) Find my phonetic alphabet (research required). 2) Memorize it (study will be required). 3) Find me in real life (must look me in the eye).

4) Recite said alphabet from memory (I'll be impressed).

I'll gladly hand it over…and I'll even buy you supper! . Or…if you REALLY want it…JUST BUY IT!

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