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Top Five Online Photos of Red Emerald Jewelry

Gem-quality red beryl is so rare finding two Red Emeralds to make a pair is something like a miracle! They are as small as pink diamonds -- the largest faceted stone 50 years after discovery weighed only 4.5 carats! Few jewelry pieces are ever created to be photographed and shared digitally, but here are the top five outstanding examples of Red Emerald treasures online.

5. Richard Krementz - 2.75 carat Red Emerald Ring

Photo: American Gem Trade Association

Entry 543 in the Classical jewelry collection for the 2010 Spectrum Awards hosted by the American Gem Trade Association was this Red Emerald Ring by legendary gem dealer and designer Richard Krementz.

Stones above 2 carat are tremendously rare -- ones of this size with such remarkable clarity number only dozens in the world.

4. Lester Lampert - Beryllicious Ring

Photo: Chicago Field Museum

All Emeralds contain inclusions which make them glow, but some Emeralds contain so few inclusions their light begins to move like lightning freed from a cloud. The Semitic word for Emerald actually translates as Lightning, which may be why these three color-matched stones appear so electric!

The Chicago Field Museum commissioned Lester Lampert to design jewelry using their most valuable loose gems. This Red Emerald trio was most likely sourced from the same crystal or cluster of crystals, as they jointly exhibit an unusual orange-raspberry coloration observed in few stones of this size, as well as highly-crystalline bodies.

3. Cynthia Renée - 10 carat+ Red Emerald Bracelet

Photo: Cynthia Renée

Her website included a quoted description of this bracelet as "the finest suite of American gemstones in a piece of jewelry in the world." At the time this Red Emerald bracelet was fabricated, the statement was very likely correct!

An all-crimson blackjack of 21 Red Emeralds accented by 20 large diamond baguettes housed in 20K Yellow Gold and Platinum cradles hand-formed by the artist herself.

2. Ben Tracy - 18 carat Red Emerald Earrings

Photo: David Rozendaal

Master craftsman Ben Tracy was one of three individuals responsible for the Heart of the Ocean sapphire necklace famously portrayed as a blue diamond in the movie Titanic.

These fabulous earrings contain history’s first pair of Red Emeralds over five carat each; the largest matching set in the world. Each stunning piece showcases the crimson strength of this remarkable color-variety by flowing through 2½ inches of different Red Emerald shades.

1. Equatorian Imports - 27 carat Red Emerald Necklace

Photo: Eric Welch

Duncan Pay, editor of Gems & Gemology, reported this Red Emerald necklace, presented by Equatorian Imports at the 2014 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, was "unique and potentially irreplaceable" as a matched suite. The only contentious word in his description is "potentially"!

Fifty-six quarter-carat Krementz diamonds are off-set with an equal number of half-carat Red Emeralds, presented with absolute top clarity in stunning, fully-saturated Ruby color.

Even if a corporation reopened the mine and began serious production, a set like this would still take over half a decade to produce!

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