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0.29 carat fancy Shield Cut

5.75mm x 3.9mm x 2.8mm

There is nothing in this world that I loved more than comic books.

But in 2013, I fell in love and discovered the Red Emerald. I sold my entire collection of superhero books (along with my self-employed business), to build the largest collection of Red Emeralds the planet had ever seen before.

I found THIS jewel at Tucson in 2015.

From the first moment I saw it…I knew this one was special. The final form of a red beryl is typically dictated by the rough itself, determined by whatever shape the crystal can support. The majority end up in standard facet geometries -- rounds, emeralds, ovals -- but very few are "fancy cuts". This was the first "Shield" I ever encountered.

The internal patterns of natural features and inclusions are different in each stone. Every gemstone is unique and can be positively identified from all others. When I picked up this one in particular, I immediately noticed the rehealed fractures inside, which reflected light in the shape of an "S" -- perfectly centered in the middle of the Shield!

To say this example is one-in-a-million is an understatement. There will never be another like it.

It is the favorite stone in my whole collection, and priced accordingly.

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$10,000 USD

5.75 oz Gold / 365 oz Silver

0.25 BTC