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0.26 carat Emerald Cut 4.90mm x 3.47mm x 1.88mm

Ronald Ringsrud wrote in Emeralds: A Passionate Guide, "The fascination and wonder that accompanies the discovery of new knowledge…is exactly the proper use of science: to lead us to amazement of Nature's creation and to experience a sense of wonder. There is no better place to rediscover wonder than in [the] remarkable phenomenon that occurs deep inside the finest Emeralds."

Because nearly every example necessarily contains natural features, Emeralds are considered a Type III Gemstone under the Gemological Institute of America's Clarity Classification System. Of all beryl varieties, only red and green have been given this exceedingly rare designation. Type III stones are expected to have inclusions, fissures, and other characteristics considered "flaws" in more common species. These traits interrupt, soften and diffuse ordinary light return, producing the trademark glow for which Emeralds are famous. This subdued brilliance has captivated humanity's attention and admiration since the dawn of time.

Like DNA, an Emerald is unique; every one can be distinguished from all others, and their individual qualities make each gem what it is. The emerald cut is designed to appeal to connoisseurs' fascinations, acting as a window or picture frame through which one may best view the jardin of inclusions existing inside. This allows for the maximum enjoyment of every stone, placing their aspects on prominent display for appreciation. Entire worlds and mesmerizing universes are housed within these jewels, frozen in eternal fire.

Make no mistake - what you see in these photos is virtually imperceptible to the naked eye. Light passes right through the rehealed fractures and fingerprint fields without detection from unaided sight as anything more than the mystique of additional sparkles. If you're lucky, the layers of directional growth disturbances might be glimpsed as a suspended lightning bolt…flashing in the center of the stone.

If you catch it… Smile.

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$1,050 USD 0.6 oz Gold / 38 oz Silver 0.263 BTC

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