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1.22 carat, 5.99mm x 5.76mm

Gemstones appeared in my personal history when my sisters started getting married. My birthstone is Sapphire, and my sister Jolie's antique ring shows off dozens of those same blues in trillion cuts matched with white Diamonds of similar shape and size, set in a vintage piece with highly-detailed craftsmanship. My sister Jill wears a Chocolate Diamond of near-perfect clarity and ideal color.

Because of them, I started thinking about wedding rings in Color.

The Hope Diamond is Blue, the Argyle Mine in Australia produces Pinks, and anyone can dig up Yellows at the Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas. My favorite color was Green, so I decided my future Wife would have a green diamond. My sisters immediately destroyed the choice as one notoriously difficult to accessorize. I am no fashion expert, so their arguments offered a sound female perspective.

To compensate for this 'problem' with one's wardrobe, I amended my plan. I'd create an entire collection of diamonds…one in every color of the rainbow. She could wear a different ring each day, if she wanted. And that's how and why I started gathering up gemstones.

For Green, I looked at Emeralds. Some still believe things like Emerald never change…but America's scarlet treasure is proof everything becomes more. Now, my favorite stone in its rarest form can compliment a wider range of outfits.

But before that…I began by searching for Blues. The easiest way to find a blue diamond is to locate one that's been heated to produce the perfect sky-blue color (as this one has been). Heating also burns out impurities and improves clarity. The princess-cut stone I found was slightly included (SI2), but flashy and visibly impressive at arm's length. This cut is an excellent-ideal, faceted to the maximum beauty a stone of this type could achieve.

Certified by the Independent Gem Lab of New York.

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$1,250 USD 0.75 oz Gold / 45 oz Silver 0.0313 BTC

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