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0.8 carat 5.4mm Round Cut

Not all inclusions are created equal; those which add light return, brilliance or offer interesting features can enhance a stone's value. Catseye Rubies, Star Sapphires, Trapiche Emeralds and Demantoid Garnet Horsetails are all examples of desirable inclusion patterns.

Demantoid Garnets from Russia often contain inclusions of chrysotile - fibers radiating outward from a single nucleation point. These shimmery threads resemble the tail of a horse. Typically, they're wispy and small, and can only be viewed under magnification. The BEST horsetails are large and oriented perpendicular to a gemstone's table, allowing one to look directly into the "tail", which creates a dizzying effect similar to the cinematic equivalent of blasting into hyperspace! This specific type of 'Horsetail' is the most highly-desirable form of Demantoid, and horsetails are proof of prestigious Russian origin.

While Demantoid has a Horse Tail…the Red Emerald has a Comet Tail.

The Winter 1984 issue of Gems & Gemology noted some uncut red beryl mineral specimens had "well-formed 'comet-tail' inclusions…trail[ing] behind the edges of fingerprint-like patterns."

The comet-tail in the 5.76 carat Starfire Emerald of the Red Emerald Suite Treasure set ( is faceted in the same manner as an ideal Demantoid Horsetail. Oriented in a similar "spray" layout, the fibrous inclusions rage like a fire. The needle-like inclusions perpendicular to the table allow light to travel along chatoyant tube 'hairs' inside the gem, delivering a flash of strong pinfire light, with each 'fiber' returning different body color saturations from multiple angles.

Once I acquired that gem, I knew I would have to find a perfect Demantoid to demonstrate the same effect…l didn't know that it would take TWO YEARS to find one with the same features! That's how rare these pieces really are!

After spending time in my private collection, this garnet-marvel of nature can now be yours!

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$2,000 USD 1.15 oz Gold / 75 oz Silver 0.05 BTC

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