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0.46 carat Oval Cut 5.8 mm x 4.0 mm

Stony meteorites are rich in iron, nickel and heavy elements less-common on the surface of our planet…such as Iridium. Less than 2% of all meteorites are Pallasitic, which means they contain gem crystals of Peridot inside them! Only 3 falls with crystals are known in the US, and only 35 have been discovered so far in the entire world. These interstellar versions of gem quality olivine are differentiated from the Peridot originating on Earth by their higher concentration of Iridium.

A slice of meteor from Admire, Kansas illustrates how a Pallasite Peridot crystal is typically situated within an extra-terrestrial rock. Investigating this cross-section of material reveals the prevalence of metal encroachment into crystal-rich zones. The olive-green minerals struggle to crystallize at precise geometric angles, but a lack of space inhibits the formation of large specimens with well-formed faces.

There are more survivors than one would expect following a global impact traveling at an unimaginably rapid celestial speed, but few are of sufficient size to facet large examples, and stones over half a carat are quite uncommon. The largest Pallasite gem-crystal recovered off-matrix during modern Admire mining operations weighed only 12.5 carats.

This mineral resource is so scarce, global supply can be estimated, since localities are limited enough a complete study can be conducted. A handful of meteorites are "processed" yearly using reverse electro-plating to remove the iron component. As the metal dissipates, the rock falls apart naturally, preserving what few off-planet Peridot crystals can ever be recovered.

This large Pallasite is from the Admire deposit and is particularly clean and brilliant.

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$1,000 USD 0.6 oz Gold / 36 oz Silver 0.025 BTC

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