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0.525 total carat weight Two color-matched 3.9mm Round Cuts

Lawrence Graff once said "I was born to be among these stones."

I hope I was born to be a little bit more than JUST that…but I have certainly grown accustomed to being around Red Emeralds!

The Gemological Institute of America defines "Color" as not only hue, but also saturation and tone. Although the primary hues differ, the same secondary hues (blue and yellow) in green Emeralds are present in the red, and when mixed with red body color, these undertones appear purple and orange. Red Emeralds have the exact same red-purple/red-orange dichroism as a Ruby.

In 2003, The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand created a Ruby Grading System, developing a standardized language (word-labels) to allow gem dealers to use the same color terminology. The principal quality of a fine ruby is color saturation (chroma), intensity of the hue (dominant color) and presence of color or hue shift. Color notations to describe "Red" were DARK, DEEP, VIVID, STRONG, PINKISH and PURPLISH.

The bright side of the crimson prism is multiple Reds, but Red Emeralds have long-suffered the same problem…with vague terms like "Stoplight Red" and "Gooseberry Red" (full saturation in the red-orange and red-purple hues, respectively) used to describe the most desirable hues. I sort Red Emeralds into five different saturation levels for EACH secondary hue, making at least TEN distinct and easily-discernible shades of scarlet in the Red Emerald rainbow.

Though my collection is comprised of a significant percentage of the world supply, I still have only forty-nine rounds between 4 and 4.5 millimeter! This means only a handful of pairs can be put together, and only a few dozen in this size range will ever exist in the entire world.

This pair exhibits full-saturation in the rarer red-orange tone under incandescent light, and hue-shifts to red-purple under LED and fluorescents. A truly amazing pair!

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$2,750 USD 1.6 oz Gold / 100 oz Silver 0.0688 BTC