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6.6mm x 5.8mm 1.68 carat

This is a man who needs no introduction, but for those who don't know him…allow me to introduce you. John Dyer is a world-famous master gemstone cutter who has won 58 cutting awards (so far!), and he is the only faceter to ever sweep an entire category of AGTA Cutting Edge Awards (three times!). In summation, he is one of the greatest gemcutters alive today, and one of the best who has ever lived.

When I first began collecting red beryl specimens, I had a theory that the reason no one could recognize this stone as a precious gem was because no had seen any stunning examples set in jewelry before. Gems are most appealing when they have been given their ideal cut and placed in the finest setting. In order to obtain the very best jewels, I wanted to commission the very best faceters, and pay them to cut for me. John was the first man I called. He was from Minnesota, I learned, and Iowa is just a short ride away. When I reached him by phone, he informed me he spends most of his time in Brazil, where his calls were forwarded! That turned out to be a little TOO far to drive!

He also said he does NO COMMISSIONS, which meant I would not be able to source gems from him, but he kindly referred me to other faceters of his same caliber, who have all done phenomenal work with these stones. I try to visit with him at Tucson every Show, but it wasn't until many years later that I saw two Red Emeralds in his booth! I bought them both, because I knew the number of these gems faceted by this master craftsman are now and will always be ridiculously few and far between! The quantity of this size are rarer, still…to the point of practically non-existent.

This example over a carat and a half is completely unenhanced. #redemerald #emeraldcut #jardin #fingerprints #glow #fingerprintinclusion #rehealedfractures #ruby #violet #rubyviolet #redpurple #redorange #redrainbow #emeraldrainbow #scarlet #spectrum #americangem #tucsongemandmineralshow #tgms #bixbite #facetgrade #cuttingedge #gemquality #preciousgems #rarejewel #phenomenal #redberyl #theredemerald #beautiful

$8,400 USD 4.8 oz Gold / 305 oz Silver 0.21 BTC

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