Origin of the Red Emerald

Diamond famously utilizes carbon atoms in its crystal lattice, but Emerald is formed on a molecular foundation of beryllium. In Emeralds, beryllium atoms gather six oxygen each to form a molecule, locking them together in a meta-stable hexagonal ring structure known as the cyclosilicate. This type of formation enjoys a permanence which is aged on a time scale far beyond the human existence. Cyclosilicates form molecular groups arranged in larger hexagonal plates of beryllium. Like sugar condensing on a wooden stick from a solution to form rock candy, the hexagonal plates can affix to nucleation points, then “stack“ one upon another, forming larger hexagon wafers and even larger prisms. T

What is a Jardin?

Corporations, in their endless battles against one another, adopt various competitive strategies to defeat their opponents. Michael Porter identified two main attributes a business can manipulate in order to gain an advantage: Cost and Differentiation. While most people can understand why a low cost product is desirable to consumers, a commodity with differentiation is a uniquely desirable good consumers can purchase nowhere else. Something truly different. In the market of gemstones, an Emerald naturally possesses this attribute of differentiation. My first professional life dealt with real estate, so I sometimes think of gemstones as houses for light to live in. An Emerald is a warm,

The No-Prize

Stan Lee is The Man who helped create the greatest number of superheroes in the modern-day pantheon. I use the word Pantheon with specific intent. The story of Spider-Man is an essential element of modern-day mythology, and I believe the future will regard the collection of heroes Stan helped create as one on par with the Greek Pantheon. Many comic book fans also recognize this and admire his great work. If one man could create all those marvelous masks, could we ever see the real face of The Man himself? The Emerald jardin is a universe of light and color. In the Letters section of Stan's comics, fans were able to speak directly to Stan "The Man" Lee, and those writing in could tell Stan

The Red Emerald

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